Organized Labor Credit Union began on April 17, 1974. The credit union office was originally located at 1005 'F' Street, in Modesto, CA. In 2005 we moved to our new building located at 2112 McHenry Avenue in Modesto.  We have a staff of six.

The credit union has a defined field of membership.  Membership is open to union members and retirees of locals in the following counties of California: 





Contra Costa






San Joaquin






"Regular members and employees of those Union Locals that are within the jurisdiction of the valley and/or adjacent Building Trades or Central Labor Councils of Stanislaus County, San Joaquin County, Sacramento County". The field of membership also includes immediate family members related by blood, marriage or legal action to the credit union member. Union locals can be members of the credit union.

Why do you use a credit union? You might say low rates on loans and low fees for services, and you're right. But the most important difference is that you own your credit union. Your credit union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative. Its purpose is to serve the needs of its members. Other financial institutions can't come close to matching that philosophy because they're profit-driven businesses. As a member-owner, you reap the benefits in lower rates when you borrow and higher rates when you save.  The extra money isn't given to a few stockholders, it's returned to members like you.

Along with ownership comes responsibility.  You can affect the way your credit union operates by attending your annual meeting and by electing and/or serving on your Board of Directors or the Supervisory Committee. Participation gives you control of your financial future and signifies your ownership in the credit union.  Those are two things you won't find at other financial institutions, and two more reasons to become a member of Organized Labor Credit Union.

Personal attention to members. You can depend on Organized Labor Credit Union staff to handle all your financial needs with the utmost care and in a most professional mannner, and always with a smile. The success of the credit union can be attributed, largely, to the satisfaction of our members and the efforts of our staff. To become a member of the Organized Labor Credit Union today. Click here.