2012 proved to be another challenging yet hopeful year. The year started off extremely rough when we had to layoff one of our valuable employees, Debra. In addition, we had other reductions in personnel hours. In March, longtime employee Rena Williams retired early to help the credit union cutback on expense and reduce the possibility of laying anyone else off. The hard decisions and efforts paid off when we started to see things turn in a positive direction when the credit union was able to make money towards the end of the year, something the credit union has not been able to experience in almost 3 years.

     In August of 2012, Vicki Crooker retired after 30 years of working with the credit union. Rena Williams came back to work part-time in October which the members were extremely happy about.

     Many of our members are back to work. Working members pay their loans and keep their accounts current. Working members also purchase cars and homes, which increases our loan volume.

     We are hoping 2013 will continue to show signs of improvement. We have begun doing site visits at local unions to let people know about the credit union. We are hoping this will bring in new members as well as loans. In 2012 we paid $26,306 in dividends to our members.

      As always, thank you to our Board of Directors, Supervisory Committee Members and staff, your time and dedication to the credit union is much appreciated. THANK YOU!

     As for our wonderful members, we are here for you! And we thank you for choosing us as your financial institution. Please let us know if there is ever anything we can do to improve our level of service to you. 

Respectfully Submitted,

Board of Directors



     As the internal audit committee of your credit union, the Supervisory Committee is responsible for monitoring and evaluating credit union activities as well as conducting regular reviews and verification of accounts. Through a random sampling basis, the committee examined loan applications, new member applications, member's accounts and their VISA statements. We implemented a new review of dormant accounts to confirm that adequate and timely follow-up was being made. Also a review of business VISA accounts was added.

     The annual audit was completed and reviewed.

     We witnessed the annual mailing of members statements, which included those returned to us undeliverable, along with a few inquiries from members.

     The CPA firm of Carlos Solar, CPA was recommended to the Board of Directors to perform the 2012 anual audit, with past credit union experience being a priority.

     As a member of the credit union, you are a vital part of our growth and direction. We value your support and encourage your input.

Respectfully submitted,




     During 2012, the Credit Committee worked hard to increase loan volume while still making sure sound lending practices were followed. This year the committee offered several loan promotions including, no payments for 90 days and a spring promotion of "save 1%" off your current rate. The committee approved 337 loans, and denied 52 requests. The Credit Committee approved 30 extensions, and denied zero extension requests. The committee meets at least five times per week to consider loan requests.

Respectfully submitted,