Welcome to On-Line Banking


Begin enjoying the ease of doing your Organized Labor Credit Union transactions from your home computer.  On-Line Banking is easy to use.  Plus, it saves you trips to the credit union and gives you more time for activities you really enjoy.

What On-Line Banking can do:

  •      Transfer funds between accounts

  •      Review your account balances

  •      View or print a current account history

  •      Download account information into your Quicken software

  •      See your cleared check images

  •      Get year-to-date tax information on your accounts

  •      Estatements available 


To activate your account for Internet access to On-Line Banking, simply call or e-mail Organized Labor Credit Union.  Call (209) 527-8731 in Modesto and toll free areas, or long distance toll free, 1-800-527-2865.  E-mail your request to memberservice@olcu.org and include your name and identifying information, and request activation for Internet access to On-Line Banking.


  1. Log on to the Internet

  2. Go to http://www.olcu.org You may want to bookmark this site for future access.

  3. Click on the On-Line Banking button on the home page.

  4. Select a transaction to begin.

  5. Choose a new password as indicated by the prompt to be used exclusively for On-Line Banking.