Regular Share Account  (Savings)  Your share account works just like a regular passbook savings account, but as an owner, you earn competitive dividends.  The more you invest in your share account, the stronger your financial outlook.

Share Certificate   A share certificate is a high-yield means of earning the maximum return on your deposit.  Rates and terms vary, so check with the credit union for current information.

Holiday Savings Club   The Holiday Savings Club Account lets you save money all year long for holiday shopping.  Just make regular deposits throughout the year and watch your savings--plus dividends--grow.

Vacation Club   Make your dream vacation a reality!  Simply add to your account each payday, and you'll be surprised how quickly regular deposits add up.  And while you're saving, your funds are earning dividends.

Share Draft Account (Checking)  Our share draft account requires no minimum balance, charges no service fees or per draft fees, and even pays you dividends!

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)  An IRA is one of the best ways to save for retirement.  Earnings on IRAs are not taxed until funds are withdrawn from the account, so your total balance grows more rapidly than those of comparable accounts.  Now, thanks to the biggest tax cut in 20 years, retirement plans are more powerful.  You're eligible to contribute more to IRAs than ever before.  Contributions may even be tax-deductible--consult your tax advisor for details.  Contact the credit union for our current rates and additional information.

Youth Savers Accounts  Children between the ages of 3-12 and youth betwen 13-17 can have an account opened with a minimum deposit of $10.00.  There is a one-time membership fee of $5.00.  These accounts offer incentive rewards as the balance grows to different levels, to encourage young people to save.