Use your VISA Check Card wherever   is accepted.

  • Convenient -- Pay for purchases without writing a check.  The amount of your purchase will be automatically deducted from your checking account.

  • Fast and Easy--Get instant approval and save time.

  • Economical--No fees for VISA Check Card transaction.  Save money in check printing fees.

  • Better Record Keeping--A detailed description of every card purchase will appear on your monthly checking statement.

  • Versatile--2 cards in 1 !  Use to make purchases and also use as an ATM card.

Send an e-mail to and put in the body of the message:

Please send me a VISA Check Card application

Also insert your name and address.



Click here for online VISA info, including:

  • Account Balance

  • Available Credit

  • Amount and Date of Last Payment

  • Minimum Payment Amount and Due Date

  • Last Statement Date

  • Cash Advance Limit

  • Transactions Posted Since Last Statement